You know you’ve haven’t blogged in a while when you A) forget your password to log in, B) no longer have the email address you used when you registered the blog and C) find the entire thing infested with malware as perfectly organized and researched blog posts drip with hundreds of comments on where to find quality Russian porn.

My thoughts on stem cell research and the bombshell announcement of Sarah Palin as Senator McCain’s running mate are officially in the dumpster.  It’s time to start fresh.

The Other Eye was the name of a book my father always intended to write.  It was about a a man with a non-functioning eye who could see things that no one else could.  Since my father only had one functioning eye, I have a feeling he saw more to the world than the rest of us could, or at least he thought he did.  I had a lot of downtime with him but never thought to ask him that one.  You know I’ll have to write the damn thing one day just to figure it out.

I started blogging about six years ago and I remember a particular New Years Resolution about how I would stop drifting from project to project and would buckle down and actually create something.  It’s not much, but I started a tiny little podcast six years ago that spawned four spinoffs, 250 episodes and something like a month of back-to-back-to-back audio.  That’s all impressive and all that but the bit I care about is I met a lot of great friends doing it and more importantly, a lot of great people met a lot of great friends.  This bit sounds self-righteous even to me, but if it’s only about me it gets forgotten the minute I’m gone.  I’m glad it made other people’s lives a bit better.  It may be a small thing, but they’re the best kind.

In the past few weeks I’ve gotten nostalgic about a lot of things, mainly good old days of all kinds.  I miss TV shows that I used to watch religiously when they were new that are now barely available except on ebay.  I miss friends that always saw each other every day who are scattered all over the world now.  It’s crazy that you can be good friends with someone, have a phone conversation end and not realize it’s the last one you’ll have for an amazingly long time, and then reconnect on Facebook and realize since you forgot to call them back they got married, divorced, married, and have two kids.

I don’t have kids yet, unless cats count, in which case, yes, I have kids.  I never do anything the easy way.  We adopted the one who would need thousands of dollars in surgery within a month, and the chubby one who likes to bite us to show affection.  As with everything, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  And until I can dig through wedding photos, they’re the only banners you’ll see here.

It seemed like the perfect time to start blogging again.  The last time I did this I had no other expressive outlet, so I would pour hours into perfecting every post.  I don’t have that kind of time anymore, so if I spellcheck it’s a miracle.  I just figured I learned to monologue and I might as well use it in a place where I won’t bore people needlessly.

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